Course Tag: 02

(Example: Website-02) Level 02 = the Advanced level, with further capabilities beyond the Functional level.


Goals: Increase your marketing capability to drive more sales. Achieve the stated goals in the courses listed below.


Applies to non-English and Bilingual websites Goals: Further localize your website content for your regional audience (this may include translation, regulatory and other local cultural modifications). Achieve the stated goals in these lessons / topics:


Goals: Review and understand further theoretical information that you require in order to grow your business from its initial functional state to a more Advanced level. Achieve all goals stated in the Lessons below. TIP:  Click the Expand All link at the top right of this table to display the topics within the lessons:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)-2

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation Goals: Implement advanced Search Engine Optimisation measures to drive more traffic to your website from online searches. Achieve the goals in the lessons below:


Goals: Set up more advanced Orders functionality to speed procedures, prompt customers and minimise ordering errors.


Goals: Build on the level 1 website setup by including more advanced web features.