Facilitate Google indexing of your website Gallery images

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  • Configure your system to maximise Google indexing of your website Gallery images.


  154 – Google Indexing of Gallery Images so that they show in Search Engines (Advanced)
Indexing helps to convince search engines that your website is friendly. It is based on the fact that Google locates and notices images, and we have many images | Example searching for a “cow barcode” linked to our websites – Google needs to know that the image is there, and that it is displaying well | Example of Australian website – Gallery – you can add images to your gallery at any time, and you can also optionally display your Gallery  | BUT, you need a way to tell Google to look for images of this type – Google must index the image, and images must have text | Go to SEO tab > Search Appearance > Content Types, and you will see toggle buttons (click to see what is under each) | Example, for Posts it’s prompting “Do you want posts in the search results?” | ( Note on blog-type system Reviews, you may want Posts showing, but normally we go by Pages ) | All of this will lead to Site Maps… include Products and Gallery Items, which by default is set to NOT have items in the search results  | Another way to see this – go to Google Webmaster > Google Search Console and search for text – if it was in a Sitemap it would show, so if it DOESN’T show, it’s because Google sees no sitemap of images   | How to look at sitemaps to see if there is a Gallery sitemap |  Click YES for “Show Gallery Items in search results” | Add an automatic Meta Description – this is what shows in search engines – optionally customise  |  Check your sitemaps at General Features > XML Sitemaps to see if images are included | Google has to have time to refresh before gallery images show up | This advanced procedure hepls Google know what images you have on your website, and Index them; you can also add other specific images that you want to be searchable |