Manually create barcode images from your website backend

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  • Be able to manually create barcode images (e.g. ITF-14) using the backend functionality in your website software.


Why do this:

You may need to create images independently of an initial order.
For example, a customer ordered a barcode package from you long ago, but has lost their images, and the download link that you supplied at the time is outdated and dysfunctional.


   123 – Creating ITF14 and other images manually from your website backend
How to use your website automation to create barcode images manually in the backend of the website | Start by creating a new Order and choosing an Item (e.g. ITF-14)There is no box to input a Number, so click Create and then, under the “User supplied barcodes” header, enter the barcode number/s into the box  | The software has some intelligence, for example, order 3 carton barcodes and input one product barcode, and it will create 3 different carton barcodes with an incrementing leading number (from 1 to max 9)  and a changed last digit (i.e. you can create up to 9 ITF-14 carton barcodes from one barcode number) | If you have 3 barcode numbers and you want 3 barcodes, input them separated by a comma, click Update, and change from Pending Payment to Completed to have the software auto-create the barcodes | An alternative to comma-separated numbers is to put numbers on separate lines (which is better for QR codes)… you can also input URLs on separate lines for QR codes | Note that with anything other than ITF-14 carton codes, the number of numbers that you input into the box MUST match the Quantity that you specify | If a customer orders and doesn’t supply numbers at the time you can go back into the system to create them (you cannot change the order but you can do a new Order at zero cost) | We use this system for customers who ordered barcode packages long ago but then lost their images and their download link no longer functions |