Translating meta tags to optimise SEO

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    Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved these goals: 

  • Understand the importance of translating meta tags to the user language.
  • Translate your meta tags to the appropriate user language, keeping in mind the Recommended Guidelines.

The importance of translating meta tags – an example :

Recently I translated the meta tags (titles and descriptions) for (Bolivia). This produced a significant improvement in the search engine rankings of the Bolivia site in Google:

  • ‘Barcodes’ went from position 81 in Google to position 13
  • ‘EAN Code’ went from position 184 to 50
  • ‘EAN Number’ went from 64 to 26
  • ‘EAN Code’ went from 41 to 27

Given such positive results, we strongly recommend that you translate the SEO titles and meta descriptions for your site as soon as possible. ”  (David Allis)

That which you can measure you can improve:

Measure your efforts by checking SEO keywords before and after a few days.
This can easily be done here for any version of Google.

Recommended Guidelines for translating your meta tags:

  • You will need to change all descriptions as you do this, so that they are applicable to your site in addition to translating them. This includes:
    • Replacing terms like ‘Worldwide’ with ‘Europe’ or ‘Italy’ or something similar, specific to your country site.
    • Replacing the term ‘International Barcodes’ with your country site name.
    • Replacing ‘This country’ with your country name.
    • Replacing any other text that refers to International Barcodes or other countries to specific text for your own country site.
    • Keep the SEO titles between 50 and 59 character -this is the most effective amount.
  • Keep the SEO descriptions below 160 characters -if it is higher than this, Google may automatically edit the information to a less effective version.
  • Focus on keywords:
    • Decide on a keyword for each page as well as some overall keywords to focus on throughout this process. Examples of focus keywords: ‘Barcodes’, ‘Barcodes + Country Name’, ‘EAN Barcode’ , ‘EAN Code’ , ‘UPC Code’ etc.
      These should be terms that people are likely to search when interested in purchasing barcodes. You can check these keywords beforehand as per above at
    • Once you have these keywords you want to repeat them often throughout all the meta descriptions and titles, while also describing the actual page
  • If any doubts, refer to the way we have written the descriptions in the spreadsheet and let us know if you have any questions.

See also these resources: 

   26 – How to add translated SEO Titles and Metadescriptions to your site
This effort should significantly improve your search engine rankings.
This is a procedure in the Yoast SEO Tools to quickly (in bulk) edit Titles and Descriptions for pages.
0:09 Have this document open to view Pages, Page Titles and Descriptions | 0:29 Go to Page Dashboard and open SEO > Tools > Bulk Editor, then open the Filter and select Pages | 1.00 Notice the two tabs – Titles and Descriptions, with all pages listed below | 01:19 Start with Titles tab selected – for each listed page you can read the existing Title and create a New Title, then press the associated Save link | 01:31 Examples where there is no existing Title text – if there is no content to copy from the Excel document, make up a New Title in the same format as the other pages (and remember to Save) | 2:62 Open the Descriptions tab and use the same procedure to create New Descriptions

In your International Barcodes Licensee folder: tab of the spreadsheet ’12. SEO Titles and Descriptions’ (This sheet also gives examples from other sites).