Applying the SEO Schema to your website

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  • Understand the purpose of the SEO Schema in relation to the Google Algorithm.
  • Be able to apply the SEO Schema to your website.
  • Understand how the Schema plays a role in reporting on customer service feedback mechanisms such as Trust Verified.


   118 – SEO Schema  
The purpose of this schema is to improve Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by helping search engines know more about your website and business. It also automates the updated Trust Verified star ratings. See this video for instruction on how the SEO Schema works and how to apply it to your business/website. Note that at first the Trust Verified stars do not display immediately… when you first set this up you need to allow time for the Google algorithm to do its work.
Go to Dashboard > Moso Schema, where you will see the “WP SEO Structured Data Schema” page… these fields may already have been auto-edited by the Moso Schema software, but they are otherwise editable in order to improve your SEO |
Search for your URL at the Google Structured Data Testing Tool  ( Website link: ) and run the Test … in the results page you will see dropdown tabs at right of the screen – click a tab to view details |
WebPage tab | Local Business tab | WebSite tab |  This shows you what Google finds on your site on a high-level scan, but what is more important for us is what Google finds at the Page level |
Customer feedback via Trust Verified in our pages | How a Google Search can display Schema-data-based orange-star ratings in our search results (looks great for us) … you can see this in the “reviews” and “ratings” structured data in the Schema’s WebPage tab – example |  Search the Schema to review any of your web pages | see also in the LocalBusiness tab | This functions with any customer feedback mechanism that utilises ratings (not just Trust Verified) |

Web article:  

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