Purpose of this Learning System

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ONE learning place:

The Learning System provides you with one integrated, single-source learning environment.

This is easier for you to access and manage than an informal collection of learning materials scattered across multiple locations.


The Learning System requires you to Log in.

With a log in the system can track what you do and enable you to mark lessons as completed.

In other words, it’s an ecosystem that can be personalised to your actions.

Measurement based on Login:

The Learning System enables measurement of your learning based on your unique Login.

MEASUREMENT ?? !!!   🙁

Don’t worry, it’s simple! There are no exams, all you need to do is click a button as you complete the goals for each learning topic:

The system tracks these clicks and displays your progress.

IMPORTANT: Please don’t share your Login, as this would render the tracking pointless!
If you have other staff members, rather send us their details (Usernames, Logins and Email addresses) and we will set them up as individuals.


Why measure learning?

Because you don’t know what you don’t know:

The biggest reason is that when you are new to something big, you don’t know what you don’t know.

The learning system provides a complete, evolving inventory of what we know you need to know.

As you mark off each topic, you can clearly see what you’ve achieved and what you still need to learn.

Yes, we can see this as well, but we know that you are self-motivated, and we aren’t going to hassle you.
your knowledge = your growth = your profit )

Because that which you can measure, you can improve:

It’s like using a map… if you can’t track where you are, you can’t figure out how far you’ve come versus how far you need to go.

Measurement puts you on the improvement map.

So that we can continuously add new content without introducing confusion:

It enables us to continuously evolve the content, and you to continuously track what you’ve learned against what you still need to learn ( which includes our latest changes ).



There is so much for a new IBN member to learn and set up that we’ve split it into Levels:

This layout enables you to get your whole business up, functional and profitable as quickly as possible, before ratcheting it up with more advanced and professional procedures.

A course matrix:

The courses are laid out like a matrix.

This allows you to pick and choose as needed, rather than being forced into a linear progression.

Course subjects in Level 1 become more complex as they are repeated in Level 2, then again in Level 3.