Learning System Overview

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Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved these goals. 

  • Understand the purpose of this Learning System.
  • Be able to state three ways in which this Learning System benefits IBN members.
  • Be able to explain why the Learning System has been divided into three sequential Levels.



You may already know our Knowledge Base as an extensive library for referencing information.

But when it comes to learning, our users (especially new users) benefit from a more guided route to competence, for which we have this  International Barcodes Network (IBN) Learning System, referred to as just “Learning System”. 


Purpose of the Learning System

As members of the International Barcodes Network we would all like to

  • Maximise our knowledge and skills.
  • Offer optimal service to our customers.
  • Advance our businesses and increase our profit.

The Learning System helps as follows::

  • It presents structured sequential information using multiple forms of media
  • It offers interactive online learning with feedback on competencies
  • It enables you to track your level of course completion / business competency


Benefits to users

Work towards a global standard of professionalism:

If IBN members achieve a global level of professionalism we all benefit in many ways:

  • Consistency and uniformity
  • Stronger identity
  • More unified defence against our competition
  • A more prominent footprint with greater visibility to the public
  • Greater levels of trust
Improved knowledge benefits businesses:

Learn more about barcodes, IBN and business procedures.

Avoid mistakes and wasted effort:

Benefit from our experience to avoid mistakes that we have already made, and to focus on proven strategies.

Learn with assurance:

We’re able to guide you from an experienced viewpoint so you won’t be left wondering “Perhaps I don’t know what I don’t know so I don’t even know to learn it?”

The system can reassure you when you have questions:

  • Which topics are the most important?
  • Which should I learn first?
  • In what order should I learn?
  • How do I know when I’ve I learned enough?
  • Is there anything I’ve missed?


Learning approach

Self-managed, no pressure:

We don’t make any demands. You decide when to learn and how much effort to put in, and you manage your own learning.

There are no Exams, Pass/Fail criteria or time limits.

Learning-measurement by completion rate:

Based on your personal Login the system tracks when you achieve learning goals and keeps you informed of your percentage completion.

Yes, we can see this, but we aren’t going to prod you for higher achievement.


We’ll inform you of any significant additions to the learning content so that you can keep updated.


Computer requirements

If your computer is good enough to browse online, watch videos and download files it is likely sufficient to run the Learning System.

Specifically you need these capabilities:

  • Internet access
  • Browser for displaying content
  • PDF Reader – either within your browser capability or by some other means from your computer.
  • Capacity to play videos.


Use of videos

The primary media in these lessons is video, accessible from our Youtube Channel.

This is how a video is likely listed in a Lesson: