Processing Orders

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   Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve completed these goals:

  • Set up your own Order Processing procedures based on sample procedures from HQ.
  • For non-automated Orders (for example, you are creating a non-standard Order yourself on request from a customer), learn how to change the Order’s Status so that the system will then auto-process and deliver the Order.


   27 – Sample processing of automated Orders 
 HQ receives 1) a copy of the Order transaction report and 2) a copy of the Email received by the customer | This provides for a range of backup manual actions should they be needed | See video for detailed procedures |

   28 – Sample processing of ISSN Orders
Demonstration of how HQ manually processes an ISSN order | See video for detailed procedures |

   37 – WooCommerce Plugin for saving Customer recurring orders  
This plugin enables you to save customer details so that when you have a recurring order from that customer, WooCommerce auto-completes the customer detail fields | Plugin name: WooCommerce Create Customer on Order  (“Save time and simplify your life by having the ability to create a new Customer directly on the WooCommerce Order screen”) |
Many Member websites won’t need this (minimise plugins wherever you can) |
Activate it here: Dashboard > Plugins > WooCommerce Create Customer on Order |
What you can do with it: WooCommerce > Orders > Add New Order > See under General Details there is a button “Create New Customer +” | For potential recurring customers, click this button and complete the fields | Optionally disable customer registration email (maybe not needed) | Click “Create Customer” | Thereafter, when you Create an Order there is an option to Search for and locate the customer, and have the fields auto-populated |