Customise Orders where a customer must provide information

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Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved the following goals:

  • Be able to customise an email with instructions for Orders where a customer must provide information to receive their emailed product purchase.
  • If you have a translated website, be able to find this feature and translate it appropriately so that your customers are not trying to read English text.


  • For some orders, the customer needs to specify the information. For example, a customer must provide a barcode number when ordering a barcode image. This video shows a feature relating to barcodes that have an Additional Information box at Checkout – ISBN, QR, ITF-14 etc. The feature is a better way to let people know that they have not provided all the necessary information, and that you are still waiting for more information.


Click a hyperlink to jump to that point in the YouTube video or simply watch the video:

 136 – Automatic text for products where the customer hasn’t supplied the necessary information
If the customer clicks “I will provide this later”, then they still get the standard text email that we sent, where we stated that “if it didn’t work we will do it manually”. The new feature has a field “Allow user to customise” 
Where this customisation is set up: Appearance > Theme Options > Email, and you can CHANGE the text here, if you wish (this is the text that is inserted into emails -“You have opted to provide…”). You can also change the text in your email auto texts NOTE: If you using translated text, you need to find this feature and translate appropriately, otherwise, your customers will be seeing English text