Amend details in WooCommerce and re-generate a certificate for a customer

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Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved the following goals:

  • Understand when and why you would re-generate a certificate.
  • Appreciate that you have more to do after re-generating the certificate – you then need to manually email the certificate to the customer.
  • On request from a customer, be capable of amending the information for the certificate in WooCommerc, re-generating it and then emailing it to the customer.

When to re-generate a certificate:

This action is helpful if:

The company name needs changing
CUSTOMER: “BIG problems mate! Acme Retailers won’t accept our barcode certificate! They say that the business name on the certificate is not the same as ours!”
YOU: “Is it true? Is the name different?”
CUSTOMER: “Yes mate, we changed our company name a month ago!”
YOU: “OK, give me your original Order Number and your new company name. I’ll regenerate your certificate and email it to you.”

You want a new style certificate for an older order (we use this often) 
CUSTOMER: “We are having problems with Acme Retailers – they don’t want to accept our barcodes.”
YOU: “Give me a few minutes, I’ll regenerate your certificate with the newer style and email it to you. It looks cleaner and more professional than the older format that you currently have, so it may look more convincing.”

The Order Actions menu:

NOTE: After you regenerate it, you then need to download it and email it manually to your customer.

How to re-generate a certificate:

  See this video segment: 
REGENERATING THE NEW / AMENDED CERTIFICATE, which you need to download and send manually to your customer – helpful if the company name needs changing or if you want a new style certificate for an older order (we use this often)