Creating a new Order, practicing with a Test Order

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   Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve completed these goals:

  • Successfully create a new Order.
  • Practice by means of a Test Order and check that all applicable information is sent correctly.

Clearly, Orders are critical to our business and to customer satisfaction, so it is worth the effort of streamlining, practicing and perfecting the process.

Creating a new order, and practicing by doing a test order


   40 – WooCommerce – manually creating a customer Order and auto-sending it to them  
NOTE: A customer Email Address is important for automation and for customer receipt of barcodes.
Our Orders system is largely automated, but this video shows how you can manually set up a customer Order and issue it to them. For example, this could be a non-standard order that requires one-off manual customisation. |
Go to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Orders > Add Order | Configure all Billing Address details (Email is essential), and Certificate Options | Add Items > Add Products  | If necessary, set the Quantity and Total | Save | Review the Order details to check it is correct | With the Order Status as “Pending payment” (see beneath the order Date),  Save the Order (top right) |
Locate the Order in WooCommerce > Orders (likely at the top of the list) | From this screen there are various actions that you can take with the Order | See how the yellow icon indicates Pending Payment status | Now Edit and change the Order Status to Completed, then  Save Order | Go back to WooCommerce > Orders and check that the Status icon is now blue ticked (Completed) | Give it a while for Email processing, then check Emails | You can also check the Database: Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options > Automation Database > Search by site field > enter your site URL > click Search > You will see listed the most recent 200 barcodes issued |

Follow the steps in the video to do a test order as follows: 

1.  Input your personal details and personal email address in the Billing section of the test order.

2.  Add an EAN-13 Barcode Package to Cart,

3.  Click Create to create the order, and then mark the order as Complete.

4.  After the order emails have been sent go back and mark the order as Cancelled.

5.  Check that three emails are sent to both of these Email addresses:

The three Emails should be:

  • a New Order Email
  • a Barcode order [files attached] Email
  • a Barcode order [download link] Email

6.  Make sure that a PDF invoice is attached to the New Order email.

7.  Check the files in the download link and .zip file. You should receive the following in each:

  • barcode images in 4 formats
  • an excel spreadsheet of your barcode numbers
  • a PDF guarantee certificate

8.  Open the Guarantee Certificate to check that it looks correct. It should have on it:

  • your signature
  • your company or website name
  • your website address.

TIP:  Print this page so that you can use it as a convenient checklist.