Responding to customer enquiries, primary strategies

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  • Consider implementing each of our proven primary strategies to respond to customer inquiries, or to provide resources for them to help themselves. 

Here are some proven primary strategies from our own experience that we advise you to also implement:

The Contact Us page on your website must have multiple means of contact:

This must have a phone number , physical address , and email address on so that customers have multiple ways of contacting you.

Respond to Email inquiries at least daily:

It is important to reply to customer email inquiries at least daily between Monday and Friday.
We’ve prepared some email replies to common customer inquiries, which you can use or modify ( please see this document ).

Provide examples of companies that use our barcodes in your country:

If potential customers ask you for examples of companies that are using our barcodes in your country, then you can give them some examples from here:

Search by your country to see a list of customers from your country that have purchased barcodes from any of the IBN websites, and have chosen to register their barcodes on

Help customers use their barcode numbers on Amazon:

If your customers want help with using their barcode numbers on Amazon please give them a link to this video, which is publicly available on Youtube:

For Customers to watch:       Listing a Product on Amazon International Barcodes Network

TIP:   If you have anAmazon barcodeproduct or page, you could also add a link to this video on the page itself.


More information

For IBN Network members only  for an idea of ​​what we say about our two areas of concern. see:   

Here is an internal video that you can watch for your own purposes:

For IBN Network members to  watch:      83 – Listing Products on Amazon  
UK Example: –this is great because they also let you connect to Germany, France, Italy and Spain| Note that Amazon regions differ in policies, for example, Amazon AU has no free options – so you need to check details for your region |
Getting started section>click the Add Product button to see the “Add products via Upload” page… here you will see three options … the simplest option is “Only need to list a few products?” | Do a search for your barcode number (12 and 13-digit versions) and confirm that it doesn’t exist on Amazon(“We could not find any products for …”), and at the bottom of this page, click the hyperlink “Create a new product listing” | Create a new product: Classify (here you need to identify how your barcode fits into Amazon’s product indexing system) …    Select Business, Industry and Science -> Packaging and Shipping Supplies -> Labels and Labeling Equipment -> Other (Labels & Labeling Equipment) -> Click the “Select” button | You will see a tabbed screen where you need to input data into highlighted fields per tab … These Tabs are named Vital Info, Variations, Offer, Images … see the video for input details ( note that the Images tab is especially important ,) |
Once you’ve added the product you will see a Manage Inventory page with a hyperlink to your product – click this to view your product (note that it may take time for your uploaded image to display because Amazon personnel do this manually) | I f Amazon does not show the UPC code, you need to Edit the product details and type the UPC details in the Description tab> Product Description field (this is so Important That People Can Search Amazon for That number) | You may need to wait for the page to update, but you should then see your UPC-amendment in the Product Description field