Update the customer email address in WooCommerce

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Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved the following goals:

  • Understand why a customer with a new email address may not be able to register their product details in barcodesdatabase.org.
  • Understand why it is important to update the customer email address formally in WooCommerce.
  • Be able to update the customer email address by means of the Woocommerce Order Actions menu.

When to use the “Update customer email address” Order Action

CUSTOMER PHONECALL: “I’m about to order 2 more barcodes but I have a new email address… will that be a problem?”
YOU: “No, you can order successfully with different email addresses, but let’s rather keep all of your records findable… if you give me your new email address, I’ll update it in our records.”

Why it is important to update from within WooCommerce

When you upadte the email in WooCommerce, Woocommerce auto-updates wherever it can reach, both internally and in barcodesdatabase.org

This is significant because the email address is recorded in multiple places, including the historical orders, and in our Registration software for barcodesdatabase.org, Woocommerce propagates its information to the database so that when a customer logs in using their email address, the database accepts them and allows them to register product details per barcode number.

So… if you simply change customer email address in your spreadsheet / contacts software / phonebook / accounting system, then there is going to be a mismatch with WooCommerce records and possibly a mismatch with barcodesdatabase.org.

If you simply start a New customer with the new email address,

  • you lose the continuity of the customer’s purchasing history,
  • there could be a problem with Registration if the customer tries to register older barcodes on the new email address,
  • with Registration the customer could have a situation where they have to Verify two different current email addresses.

How to properly update the customer email address in WooCommerce

  See this video segment:
UPDATING THE CUSTOMER ADDRESS – you’ve saved it and at the same time here it’s updated, or you can do it in a different order… how to update it for ALL the databases and on WooCommerce – helpful when people enter the wrong email address while ordering, AND it updates barcodes registration