Email an Invoice and Order to the customer, with a payment link

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Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved the following goals:

  • Understand when and why you would use this procedure.
  • Be able to do this procedure in WooCommerce Orders so that WooCommerce emails the Order to a customer, and the customer is able to click, pay, and receive the barcodes automatically.

When to use this:

Use this for orders that you’ve created manually.
For example, when customers phone you to ask about barcodes, convince them to buy and offer to send an Order with a payment link.
You could offer a small discount if they order right now, but it shouldn’t be necessary because your offer simplifies the ordering procedure for the customers and removes their uncertainty, so they often immediately agree. We do this almost daily.

Overview of the procedure:

Set up the billing details iWooCommerce > Orders > New Order, add order items, and then CREATE it. At this point, nothing is sent to the customer.

Under Order Actions on the right side of the screen, select Email invoice/order details to the customer and then click the UPDATE button.

WooCommerce will send the Woo emails to that customer with the payment link. You should also see a copy of the Order in your inbox.

How to send an Invoice and Order to the customer, with a payment link

  See this video segment:
SENDING THE INVOICE AND ORDER ACTIONS TO THE CUSTOMER, which we use for orders that we’ve created manually – Set up the order, CREATE it and then UPDATE, and WooCommerce will email the Woo emails to that customer with payment information, usually a payment link.