Regenerate Certificates of GTIN Assignment for previous Orders

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Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved the following goals:

  • Be able to regenerate a certificate from a previous Order and send the certificate link to a customer.
  • Understand these limitations of certificate regeneration:
    • the IBNREG listing does not change when you change and regenerate a certificate
    • the original QR code on the Certificate of GTIN Assignment does not change – it will still link to the original certificate information

Why regenerate certificates?

  • A customer has lost their original.
  • A customer has changed business name.
  • A customer requires strong proof of authenticity for Amazon listing (this new certificate is more compelling and has more information).


Click a hyperlink to jump to that point in the YouTube video or simply watch the video:

 132 – Regenerating the Certificate of GTIN Assignment (this is helpful)
Appearance of the new Certificate of GTIN Assignment
Option to regenerate the Certificate with a different Name and see it available via hyperlink (visible only if your Order Notes area is expanded)
The certificate regenerates using the changes that you made to the Order
IMPORTANT to understand the certificate QR code implications – the certificate QR code does not update when you regenerate, so a scan of the QR image will take you to the ORIGINAL details page, not an amended details page
TIP: You can go back to old automation Orders and generate a NEW certificate for an old order 
We’ve started regenerating certificates for customers who struggle with Amazon
The Unique Order ID in the URL: – Appearance > Theme Options > Automation Database and search by customer email to find it
BE AWARE that when you change the certificate, the information on  IBNREG does not change automatically – we would need to manually update IBNREG, if required