Adding tax to a manual sale within WooCommerce

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  • Learn how to add tax to a manual sale that you have created in WooComerce. 


   89 – Adding Tax to a manual sale within WooCommerce  
How to add an item with tax to WooCommerce | Add item(s) > Add product(s) > Select the item from the Add products dropdown menu and click “Add”… the item will then be added to the page as a hyperlink, and to the right will appear “Cost  Qty  Total” | Click the Add Item(s) button > Add tax button, and then in the Add tax window, select standard tax and click “Add” | Click the Recalculate button… you will see a popup message “Recalculate totals? This will calculate taxes based on the customers country (or the store base country) and update totals” – click OK | Figuring out the amounts using a spreadsheet | Edit the product details  (Refer to the video for technical details on the tax setup) | Save |