Resend an Order to a customer who gave the wrong email address

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Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved the following goals:

  • Understand when and why you would use this procedure.
  • ! Understand why it is important to do this procedure through Woocommerce rather than simply forwarding the originaal emails to the correct address.
  • Be able to do this procedure in WooCommerce Orders so that WooCommerce re-emails the Order to a customer.

When to use this Order Action:
A customer has given the wrong email address when ordering, so never received the automated emails. After updating the customer address in the Woocommerce Order, use this action to resend the WooCommerce emails to the correct customer address.

Don’t simply forward the emails, as you need THE SYSTEM to update the email address wherever it is recorded:
Updating a customer email address is not a simple procedure if you try to do it manually – for example, the customer Email address is recorded in WooCommerce and in our database at, so you need to update to enable the customer to Register their prodct details. Using the Order Action automates the updates wherever they are required, including

  See this video segment:
RESEND NEW ORDER NOTIFICATION resends the WooCommerce emails to the customer, used when they’ve given the wrong email address – if you’re using automatic invoices, PDF invoices, you can send them a COPY of the invoice… If the company name or email has been changed, it corrects these and the PDF invoices can also be updated here