Checking and Editing where Automation Emails are being sent

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   Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve completed these goals:

  • Watch video 50. 
  • Check where automation Emails are being sent.
  • If necessary, customise your Email address.
  • If necessary, add other Email addresses.
  • Decide whether to include a First Name in your automation emails.

Your template website can be configured with multiple Automation Email addresses relating to Orders.

Typically it is set up to send a copy to both

However, you can customise your own automation Email address and you can optionally add others.

Checking where the automation emails are being sent and correcting if necessary
  1. For instructions, watch the video below.
  2. Check which Email address(es) the automation Emails are being sent to on your website.
    They should be set up to send to
    – your domain Email (e.g. [email protected]) so that you receive a copy of them,
    – and also to [email protected] (so that we receive a copy of them).
  3. You can also add other Email addresses (e.g. you might also want the Emails sent to your personal Gmail account).


   50 – Sending Automation Emails to multiple email addresses 
There are two kinds of automated Emails: Theme-based for general communications and and WooCommerce-based for Orders
To set up General Automation Emails: Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options > Email tab , and under the Email heading, configure the primary Email Address | Configure the  Secondary Email Address field with as many further Email addresses as you wish, separated by a comma and space (please leave “[email protected]” intact, as it is our backup) |  For multiple emails, the format is a comma and space separating  addresses | Note that these are BCC emails, so customers see only their own address field (you could include your personal Gmail address and nobody would know) |
To set up Orders (WooCommerce) Automation Emails:  Go to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Emails tab | You will see a list of Emails, each with its own Setup icon (please leave “[email protected]” intact, as it is our backup) | Add further Email recipients as required (separated by comma and space) |

   30 – Adding a first name to your automated emails to customers 
By default there is no salutation such as “Dear John” in automated Emails, due to the awkwardness of catering to global cultural differences | How you can add a First Name salutation |  Go to dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options > Email tab, and scroll down to the “Email text – header” section | In the text box, type Dear %%firstname%% | Scroll down and click “Save Options” |