Creating and sending Orders

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    Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved the following goals:

  • For website setup purposes, click and work through EACH Lesson link below,being sure to complete these tasks for each Lesson:
    • Review the information in that Lesson.
    • While in that Lesson, do the practical procedure for your website Woocommerce Orders setup.
    • If you are confident that you set up correctly, mark that Lesson complete by clicking the ( Complete ) button at the end of the Lesson.
    • You should then finish with many Orders Lessons marked complete in your record for the Orders courses: Orders 01, Orders 02 and Orders 03.

Overview of “Creating and sending Orders”:

For an overview of how to set up Orders, please read through the information on this webpage:

Lessons to complete:

Checking and Editing where Automation Emails are being sent


Creating a new Order, practicing with a Test Order


Email an Invoice and Order to the customer, with a payment link


Set up automated Email reminders to customers who have pending orders


Changing an Order’s status to trigger automation


Troubleshooting a barcode order that doesn’t seem to have been sent


Responding to customer enquiries, primary strategies


Helping customers to register barcodes


Amending a customer’s Guarantee Certificate


Troubleshooting – customer ordered images but never received them