Set up automated Email reminders to customers who have pending orders

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This is an effective strategy for your business!


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  • Be able to set up automated email reminders so that customers who have pending orders are prompted to process the orders.

Setting up automated Email reminders to customers who have pending orders:

Watch:   120 – WooCommerce Follow-up Emails Plugin
This is an effective but powerful plugin, so test carefully before going Live | This plugin automatically follows up customer action with a reminder and request for further action. It is a good way to turn failed orders into Sales (by automatic followup of abandoned cart, failed orders etc), and to get Customer Reviews (by automatic email to customers asking for a review (such as Google Reviews) | Listing under Dashboard > Plugins – activate to use it (if WordPress asks for a license number please contact us at HQ) | You will have the opportunity to import existing Orders – we recommend that you do this | Possible uses; 1) Reviews from customers after purchase 2) Soliciting customer reviews via Google Reviews, Trust Verified etc 3) Abandoned carts, incomplete orders and failed payments – you can judge how “bad” these are by looking for “Pending payment” and “On hold” notices in your WooCommerce > Orders  | Followup options once your plugin is activated | Customer Review setup example, with different options | Example – automated email to solicit Google Reviews from customer (Google Reviews are great) | Example – automated Email to solicit Trust Verified Customer Review (English language only) | Example – Abandoned Cart automated Emails to customer (3 types)  – option to Import Orders |  Addendum – to get Abandoned Cart working, there are 3 Order status Triggers to address: Pending, On hold, Failed – Reports and Dashboard displays  | Contact us for templates if you have problems with Follow Up Type dropdown box |