Troubleshooting a barcode order that doesn’t seem to have been sent

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  • Be able to successfully troubleshoot an Order that doesn’t seem to have been sent. 

Troubleshooting a barcode order that doesn’t seem to have been sent:

If your customer ordered an EAN1-3 or UPC barcode package or barcode number, but didn’t receive it,you will need to do some investigating / troubleshooting to resolve it.

Open this PDF:
Follow the troubleshooting procedures in this PDF (as explained in the video below):
  What to do if a Barcode order doesnt seem to have been sent.pdf

Watch while referring to the PDF:
    72 – What to do if a barcode Order doesn’t seem to have been sent  
If it seems that a barcode Order has not been emailed to the customer or to you, and you have checked junk mail folders unsuccessfully, then there are a series of steps to follow to diagnose the problem by means of a troubleshooting flowchart (shown in the video) | Refer to the video for detailed use of the flowchart, and for troubleshooting examples  |
Is the Order visible in WooCommerce Orders? | Is the Order marked as Complete? If not, manually change the Status to Complete, check that Email is then sent | Does the Order show in the Database? (Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Authentication Database, and search by various parameters) | Have the barcode numbers been issued? Check Emails | Within WooCommerce, toggle the Order to “Incomplete” then back to “Complete” | Does the customer’s Email Address exist in the Database? | As a last resort, contact us for help and provide as much information as you can |

Last resort:

If you’ve attempted all of the steps in the video and flowchart, and your customer still hasn’t received their barcode, then send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll investigate.

Other options:

Is the issue perhaps with Automation?

Watch:      68 – ITF14 and ISBN Automation  
This automation enables customers to independently purchase ISBNs from your website |
To display your ISBN products
: Go to Products > All Products, and search for “isbn” | Mouseover the title and select the Edit option, then customise the page for your own purposes (see the video for details) | Note the following: you will need to change the text, what images are formed, and the Automation Type needs to be this: “Email, files (ISBN ITF14)” |
To display your ITF14 products: Go to Products > All Products, and search for “ITF” to display your ITF14 Products | Mouseover the title and select the Edit option, then customise the page for your own purposes (see the video for details) | Note the following: you will need to change the text, including “with 4 different formats”, what images are formed (.jpg, .pdf, .png, .svg), and the Automation Type needs to be “Email, files (ISBN ITF14)” |
Add a statement “This system is automated and if you supply valid EAN-13 barcode numbers, it will attempt to create and email you the ITF-14 barcode images automatically” | Sample images (good quality) |

More on Automation:

Automation has been set up for the following barcode image products:

  • ITF-14 Barcodes
  • EAN (or UPC) Barcode Images
  • ISBN Barcodes

This automation ensures that if customers order any of these image products, they should receive the images automatically and immediately by email.

On the checkout page the customer will see a box: Enter your barcode numbers here

They need to type their barcode number or ISBN number into this box, and then that number will be automatically turned into barcode images and emailed through to them.

Multiple barcode numbers or ISBN numbers need to be separated by a comma (or comma and space).

If it doesn’t work:

Sometimes image automation doesn’t work (i.e. a customer orders ISBN barcode images but for some reason doesn’t receive them).

If this happens, do the following:

  1. Change the order from complete to pending and back to complete (this sometimes triggers automation).
  2. If that doesn’t work, check that automation has been correctly set up for that image product
    (e.g. if a customer ordered ITF-14 Carton Codes, edit that product and make sure the Automation type is set to Email, files (ITF14)).
  3. If the automation was set up correctly, then usually the issue is because a customer has entered the incorrect information such as:
    – they ordered 3 EAN images, but only provided us with 2 barcode numbers in the checkout form,
    – they entered incorrect barcode numbers, or they ticked the provide barcode numbers later box).
    If this is the issue, please create a new manual order on the website for the customer, entering the customer’s billing details and products and barcode numbers correctly, but changing the order total to “0.00”, then click create and complete to trigger automation.
  4. If that still doesn’t work, send us an email to [email protected] and we will investigate.

Procedure for barcode products that don’t yet have automation:

( e.g. ISSN barcodes and Code 128s )

For these products we’ll need to create them manually as follows:

  1. If you receive an order for one of these products, send us an Email letting us know what number or data your customer wants encoded,
  2. We’ll create the barcode images and Email them to you,
  3. You can then forward them on to your customer.