Email an Order payment link to customers for payment and auto-delivery

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Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved these goals: 

  • Set up your system so that when you create an Invoice manually in WooCommerce and send it with a hyperlink to the customer, the customer can click the link to make payment by credit card on your website, causing the Order status to auto-update and the barcodes to be auto-emailed to the customer. 

Creating an order in WooCommerce and emailing to the customer for online payment and auto status update:

This video explains how to create an order manually in WooCommerce, and then email the order details (and pro forma invoice) to the customer with a link so they can make payment via your website.

As soon as the customer follows the link in the email and makes payment by credit card on your website, the order status will change from Pending to Completed, and the barcodes will be auto-emailed to the customer.


   62 – Custom Orders emailing payment link to customers  
You may sometimes have customers asking for a special price for a custom type of order that is not covered in your automated processes. We initially sent them an invoice and a link to a specific web page, but this proved confusing. This video explains our revised process utilising an invoicing plus online-payment facility in WooCommerce.
Setup: Go to WooCommerce > Orders and click “Add order” at the top of the page | When the Order details page opens, under the General column, leave “Pending payment” as the Status | Under the Billing column, edit the Name and Email fields but ignore the Payment Method | Enter details for the Certificate | Click the “Add Item(s) button and in the Add Products popup, choose a product and click “Add” | With the product now showing on the page, click the Recalculate button > OK | At top right, under “Order actions”, click the dropdown and select “Email invoice / order details to the customer”, and click the Create button … this order will now be created in WooCommerce | With this setup we do the automatic PDF invoices, but this solution will still work if you don’t have the automatic invoices |
Customer: The customer will receive an Invoice Email that states “An order has been created for you on [yourwebsite]”, and provides a hyperlink to “Pay for this order”, with the full Order details below it | When they click to pay they will be taken to your checkout and online-payment type page (with terms and conditions etc), and they can submit a normal payment |

Practicing with a Test Order:

Practice this by doing a Test order in your own name, leaving it Pending (don’t mark it as Complete), and then following the steps in the video to email a payment link to yourself.