Joining the IBN SLACK Group

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    Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved the following goals:

  • Accept the invitation you received, successfully join the IBN Slack Group, and send us a greeting to introduce yourself.
  • Browse through the online resources for how to use Slack.
  • Access and view historical email newsletters.
  • Optionally connect with David Allis via WhatsApp or IMO.
Setting up and using Slack:

You will have received an invitation to join our International Barcodes Network on Slack.
This is the first step in staying connected to our global network developments, updates and changes.
Important information is shared on this network that will be vital to the successful running of your website business.
Please accept this invitation, set up your Slack account and send us a greeting so that we know you are up and running.
Here is an instructional video that shows you how to set up your Slack account:

To do: Send us a greeting once you’re signed in and we’ll connect you to the relevant channels within our group.

Tip: Slack is a quick and convenient way to make contact and communicate with other global IBN businesses and with the HQ in New Zealand. It allows chatting in a social-media kind of way. Many of our licensees have helped other licensees solve problems via Slack.

See also:

Slack Quick Start Guide:–your-quick-start-guide  

Online Help:  


Viewing Email Newsletters: 

About once a month we email a useful and relevant newsletter out to our licensees.

See previous newsletters in these two locations:


Using WhatsApp and IMO:

Connect with David via WhatsApp or IMO (if you are on them) – the number is +6421655485