Setting up Bank Deposit as a payment option


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  • Set up Bank Deposit as a means of customer payment.
Setting up Bank Deposit as a payment option on your website:


Watch:     41b –WooCommerce Payment Gateway setup options  
Appearance of Checkout | Your active Gateways display on the page (appearance varies) | WooCommerce Settings – General Tab | Comparison of the Payment methods that we use (Payment Express, Stripe, Paypal Express, Direct Bank Transfer) |  WooCommerce Settings – Payments Tab  |  Change order of display of payment methods  |  Change the web page text per payment method  | Test Mode – numbers for testing payment  | If you find a good new gateway that you want to add, let us know | Direct Bank Transfer – good to include |   Another good option to include in some countries is Cash On Delivery | IMPORTANT – Use a cheap Test Product to check that the Checkout works, and also be sure to listen/watch for customer feedback on the Checkout |
See also Video 42 for checkout options in Paypal vs Paypal Express |
How to set up bank deposit (BACS) as a payment option – customers will see a Description of what to do, then they will receive Instructions when they process the Order |
Important:  Be sure to add your bank account number to the bank deposit settings in WooCommerce.


Watch:      29 – Setting up Internet Banking as an option on your checkout  
payment by bank deposit can take up to 24 hours to clear before barcode delivery is possible, so you need to make this clear in your instructions, especially as customers often expect instant delivery |
What the customer sees at checkout – editable fields and selections | They select “Manual Bank Account Payment (2-24 hour delivery)”  | Clarify to customers that barcode purchases with direct-debit bank payments take longer to process than other payments due to the bank processing taking up to 24 hours | Customer must click to agree to the Terms and Conditions | Customer Survey popup from the purchase page | Customisable page of your bank account details for payment | When customer pays you see it in your Sales Log and manually change status from Order Received to Accepted Payment, which triggers the system to auto-email barcodes to the customer |
How to set this up:  Dashboard > Settings > Store > Payments tab |  Tick “Test Gateway”and click the Settings hyperlink beneath it to show an edit area – these are the settings for what the customer sees on the manual payment page | Edit the Display Name and include in it an estimated delivery time (e.g. “Manual Bank Account Payment (2-24 hour delivery)” | Add payment instructions in the text box (perhaps include a note that there is a manual payment-confirmation step to be done during business hours, and if customers need barcodes quickly, rather pay by Paypal for quick auto-delivery) | In the text box, also ask them to include a Name for reference | Click “Update” | Test on your Live site |