Customising the text on ALL pages (IMPORTANT)

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    Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved the following goals:

  • Understand why it is really important to customise the text on all of your template web pages.
  • Customise the text on your pages, being careful not to skip any pages.
  • Check how successfully you have customised your text by using Copyscape Plagiarism Checker, and customise further wherever Copyscape identifies duplicated content.

The Google algorithm watches for duplicated content to counter cheating in Search Engine Optimisation.

Like other International Barcode businesses, you are starting from a template site.

If you don’t customise your pages,

  • Your text will be identical to our template site and possibly also to other IBN business sites whose owners have not customised their text.
  • The Google algorithm will then discover that your text is duplicated from another site and you will incur SEO penalties.
  • SEO penalties will make it harder for new customers to find you online, thereby reducing your business potential.

So, for your own profitability you need to customise the text on all pages of your template website so that you can be found in online searches!


Customising text on your template web pages:

(Your web pages are created and maintained in WordPress)

1.  Log in to WordPress

Watch:      01 – How to Login
Type your country domain name with /wp-admin on the end of it | Login with your Username and Password (tick the checkbox “Remember me” if you don’t want to repeatedly type your Login credentials in future) | You will see the main Dashboard page for your website |

2.  Select the Pages option in the left panel (near the top).

This will display the pages comprising your template website.

3.  Customise and Update/Save each page

Watch:      02 – How to Edit a Page 
Go to Dashboard > Pages | Locate a page | Edit the page and click Update  | Click View Page to see it Live |


Checking your customisation efforts with Copyscape Plagiarism Checker:

It’s advisable to check for other sites with similar text to yours.

Copyscape can compare your site with all other sites on Google (or with a specific other site) and highlight the pages and text that is identical.

It shows which pages/paragraphs are still too similar and need to be changed further.

Watch:     17 – How to use Copyscape  
Use Copyscape to compare your site text with all other sites – for checking if others have plagiarised your site, and to ensure that you have sufficiently customised your IBN template web pages to differentiate them from other IBN members |
Go to > enter your site URL > Go | You will likely see other IBN sites in results  as they have similar template pages | However, if non-IBN sites are listed,  it is likely because they have copied our content! Evaluate how serious this is and whether you believe we should follow-up on their plagiarism – if YES, please contact the head office for action |

Watch:      94 – Using Copyscape and changing the Quotes on your websites  
Intro to Copyscape and why you should use it (remove duplicated content and aim for unique content)  | Need to edit your content as it has been duplicated from our template site, including our main site Quotes | How to clear caches after site changes (WP Rocket plugin) | How to add a new Quote |