Setting up at least one Credit Card payment gateway



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  • Understand how setting up Credit Card payment can benefit you as a merchant, and why it is therefore an important step in your business setup.
  • Set up a Credit Card payment gateway and understand how to set up further gateways if necessary. 

Here are some reasons that successful merchants use credit card gateways for selling online:

Credit Card payments are an accepted part of daily life in most countries. They are convenient for both your customers and your business.

Keeps the customer on-site:
Customers are familiar with the credit card process and they remain on your website to complete it. They don’t lose focus by going off to online banking or some other payment option, which could give them time to change their minds about the purchase.

Using a payment gateway can help to lessen the frequency and severity of credit card fraud.

The first step in payment processing is to confirm that the customer has sufficient funds.

A hold is placed on the customer’s money, so you as the merchant can provide the goods with a sense of security that you will receive the funds.

Bank deposits:
Customer funds are deposited directly into your bank account.

Auto generated reports:
You can access details of all transactions.

The payment gateway performs a series of secure, standards-compliant tasks to auto-process the transaction… tasks for which in many countries you’d otherwise need to certify your business financial compliance.

Setting up a credit card Payment Gateway:

You need to set up at least one credit card payment method.

You may need to investigate what payment gateway options are available in your country, and which ones accept payments in your local currency.

Sample common payment gateway options:

Ask us if you need help with this or want any suggestions!

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