Adding a special password-protected product


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  • Learn how to add a special product that is password-protected.

This is useful for selling to specific individuals or groups when you’ve agreed to give them a discounted price each time they order.

Learning how to add a special product that is password protected


  63 – Adding a special product with special price and password protection
This is a product that only customers with appropriate passwords can see and purchase – for example, you make a deal with a bulk purchaser but don’t want your other customers to see the discount that the purchaser receives |
Go to Dashboard > Products and locate the product to be Specialised… mouseover it to display the menu, and click Duplicate… this will open a copy of the product with “(Copy)” in the product name (e.g. EAN-13 Barcode Package (Copy))… Note that this Duplicate retains all automation functions of the original | Replace “(Copy)” with some other text to differentiate this product from the original (e.g. EAN-13 Barcode Package $10), and also edit the Permalink to get rid of “copy” | Edit the page details and prices, bearing in mind that this page will not be visible to the general public | At top right of the page, under the Publish heading, change the Visibility from Public to Password Protected, then type a Password | Update the page and open it to check – you will see a page with just a Password-input | Copy the URL for sending to the special customer with the password | Enter the password and check all price, discounts and shopping cart functionality on your Special page | Note that when you or your customer access the page a second time the cookies will ensure that Login isn’t required |