Customising text in WooCommerce Order Complete Emails


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  • Learn how to customise the text in your WooCommerce Order Complete Emails.

These Emails confirm to the customer that their Order is complete.

You may want to customise the template Email for various reasons. For example:

  • A different form of message
  • A different tone
  • Bait the Email with options for further services
  • Other

Learning how to add (or change) text to WooCommerce order complete emails:

Watch:      70 – Adding text to WooCommerce Order Complete email  
One challenge for us is that automation emails sometimes go to a customer’s Email Spam folder. This doesn’t usually happen with WooCommerce emails, so we suspect it is because of all the hyperlinks in the Automation Emails. A consequence is that sometimes customers create double orders or phone us, believing that the first order attempt failed | This video shows a way to resolve this…
Sample WooCommerce email as seen by customer |
Setup: Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options > Email tab, and scroll down to the bottom to the “Order complete customer email” option… this represents extra text to include in the Email sent to the customer as follows: “Note: If your order contains barcodes and you don’t receive them within a few minutes, please check your junk mail/spam folder for emails from us.” (this displays near the top of Barcode Complete order emails sent to customers) | See it in an Email hereTip: make this message bold |