Option to use Gmail that shows your domain name

This only applies if you use Gmail.

For example:

Your Gmail is [email protected], which looks unprofessional聽 馃檨

You can configure this Gmail address to use a domain name. For example [email protected]聽 馃檪


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  • Integrate your Gmail with your domain-specific Email.


Gmail App

it is now possible with Gmail to send/receive emails using your Gmail account, but the emails appear to come from your domain name.

This is an elegant way to integrate emails for your website if you use Gmail (and it is possibly better than using 25mail.st).

See these resources for how to do this:

Watch: 聽60 – Using the Gmail App for your Emails聽聽
(Requires a Google Account and a Super Administrator login) | How to make it appear that you are using a domain email account, when you are actually using a Google Gmail account – example 聽|聽 聽Log in to the Google Admin console as the Super Admin for your website | In the Admin area, open the option “Domains – Add domains or domain aliases” | When prompted to Verify the domain you can locate and copy a google-site-verification user script from Theme > Options > General Settings tab > User scripts area at the bottom of the page | When prompted to change your DNS Records, go to Cloudflare and locate the MX Type (follow the video for tech details and/or ask us for help) |


Article:聽 聽http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/Google-apps-for-beginners/