Adding Tax to your website if required


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  • Configure your website for tax considerations, if required for your circumstances.

Businesses in some countries have to pay tax on website transactions.

If this is required in your country, you need to configure the tax requirement.

Configuring tax for your website:

Follow the instructions from 10.19 minutes onwards in this video:

  Video 46b – WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers, PDF Invoices and Tax shown on Invoices  
This video covers three WooCommerce features:  1) Sequential Order Numbers,  2) website auto-generated PDF Invoices, and  3) showing Tax on those Invoices |
Configuring Tax: Go to WooCommerce > Settings > General tab and tick the checkbox “Enable taxes and tax calculations” > this enables a new Tax tab | Select the Tax tab | Option to configure Standard Rates | Note that for tax you also need to specify under Products whether the products have tax or not (Tax status,  Tax class, Local, International) | See video for details |