Optionally set up Site-wide and Quantity discounts


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  • Learn how to set up site wide discounts (this is optional in your business).
  • Be able to set up site-wide Notices.
  • Be able to set up Quantity discounts.


   24 – WooCommerce Pricing Rules and Site-wide discounts  
Go to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Pricing and Discounts > Pricing Rules tab to Manage Pricing Rules |
Go to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Pricing and Discounts > Cart Discounts tab to set up a site-wide Discount Rules for a set period |
Optionally customise a site-wide Notice that displays at the top of every page Carefully! Test before going Live ( NOTE: The WooCommerce location for this function has changed – see Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Store Notice )| You can use the site-wide Notice for other purposes, such as notification of site updates or reduced holiday staff |

  38 – WooCommerce – Setting prices for Quantity Discounts  
Enables customers to win discounts based on quantities of products, which includes multiples of single products | This was a frustration with our former WPE Commerce software, which didn’t re-calculate pricing for multiple-product orders | With WooCommerce, the pricing is set, not under “Products” but under WooCommerce Pricing Rules, with the advantage that you can apply the same rule to multiple products that differ primarily only in name |
Go to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Pricing & Discounts Managing Pricing Rules (this should be visible, but if not you need to Activate it under the Plugins) |
Depending on how your website was cloned, you may see some Pricing Rules pre-populated |
Detailed example of a barcode package bulk discount Pricing Rule, where multiple products are assigned to the same rule, and it’s easy to add more |
What customers see on the site – you also need to edit the affected Product Pages with “Specials” to match the Quantity Discounts that you created – editing the Price per Barcode text on the Product page |