How to send Orders ONLY to Admin


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  • Learn how to set up your system to send Orders only to Admin.

This might be used for example if a customer is paying you Cash on Delivery, where there is a danger that they don’t pay you after you deliver.

With this setup you can pre-allocate the barcode(s) to the customer, yet only email them to your Admin email address.

Once the customer pays, your Admin can then forward the barcode with the emails to them.

Learning how to send orders ONLY to Admin

Watch:     46 – Barcodes – auto sending Email ONLY to Admin  
By default the customer purchases barcodes on the website and then receives them via automated Email, but there may be circumstances where you would rather these Emails be sent ONLY to Admin…  for example, the emails are one step in a process of selling barcodes for cash, and you hold onto them until you receive a final payment |  This is easy to configure… Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options > Email tab, and un-check the checkbox “Tick this to send auto-generated emails to the customer. If you don’t, emails will be sent to admins (handy for testing)” |  Scroll down and click the Save Options button |