Accessing the Knowledge Base and Dropbox folder

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    Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved the following goals:

  • Watch the video on logging in and using the Knowledge Base
  • Watch the video on the Customer Support Knowledgebase
  • Access the Knowledge Base and locate the instruction videos
  • Locate and browse the previous newsletters
  • Access and browse the Dropbox folder of useful documents.

   81 – Using the Knowledge Base  
This requires a Login that should be the same as for your own website | Go to and log in when prompted (you may see a secondary login, which requires username “bar” and password “code”) | Once logged in, click the Knowledge Base link in the header bar (if you are in Edit mode) or in the menu at the top right of the page (if you are in viewing mode) | The Knowledge Base has a Search bar and collections of grouped articles and videos down the page | How to use the Search |

   125 – Support Customer Knowledgebase 
This is public Knowledgebase for our customers, but it has many introductory topics on barcodes and purchasing.

We have Support Knowledgebase for use by customers here: 
You can access this from an website menu – INFORMATION > SUPPORT
The Support Knowledgebase is searchable, has a range of customer-specific information, and you can direct your customers to it | Back To button takes you back to the originating website | How to take visitors from your website to this KB and have them come back (needs to open in the existing tab) | If you want to translate this KB please speak to David, but note that it is considerable content |

Browsing the Instruction videos:

Tip: Bookmark this page.

Browse the Instruction Videos on our Knowledge Base:

Browsing the Email Newsletters:

Tip: Bookmark these pages.

About once a month we email a newsletter out to our licensees.

See previous newsletters in these two locations:

Browsing the Dropbox folder:

Tip: Bookmark this page.

Click here to access the “International Barcodes Licensee” Dropbox Folder.

Browse its useful documents and videos (which are also available on the Knowledge Base).