Using Copyscape to ensure that you have no plagiarised (copied) content

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Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’re able to achieve the following goals:

  • Use the free Copyscape software to identify any content on your website that is duplicated from elsewhere.
  • Edit any content that you’ve duplicated from elsewhere to make your site unique and thereby
    • avoid Google SEO penalties
    • improve your site’s search performance

What is Copyscape?

“Copyscape helps you defend your site against the threats of online plagiarism. The free Copyscape service provides online copyright protection by allowing you to easily search for plagiarism and identify instances of content theft.” – Copyscape website

Why would you have plagiarised content (copied from someone else)?

It probably wouldn’t be deliberately plagiarised.
Your website is built off a template, as were the websites of many other International Barcodes Network members, so you and those other members need to edit the content, or your websites will all be the same.
Why is this is a problem? Why not have them all with the same content?
Because web developers historically tried to “work” (cheat) the Google Search algorithm by replicating their content all over the Internet to make it appear popular and relevant, with lots of links. So Google now actively hunts down replicated content and penalises those websites in the Search results.
In other words, if Google discovers that our websites have the same content, it penalizes our performance in Google searches, which is bad for all of our businesses.
Therefore, for yourself and for all of us in the our network, you need to edit your website content to make it more unique.
But how unique does it need to be?  How do you measure uniqueness?
This is where Copyscape is useful. It enables you to edit > measure > edit > measure until you are satisfied with the uniqueness of your content.

Free Comparison Tool for comparing two web pages with Copyscape:  

Copyscape FAQ: 

Watch:     94 – Using Copyscape to keep your site content unique  
Intro to Copyscape and why you should use it (remove duplicated content and aim for unique content)  | Need to edit your content as it has been duplicated from our template site, including our main site 
(the last part of the video covers how to edit the quotes on your website, which we’ve listed in a separate Lesson)