GDPR regulatory compliance for selling into the EU

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  • If you sell sell into the European Union, understand the minimum measures that you need to take to comply with GDPR regulations.


   77 – GDPR regulatory compliance for selling into the EU  
( Only applies if you sell into the EU )
This video specifies measures that our IBN network members who sell into the European Union need to take to comply with GDPR regulations  | We’ve created a cookie policy and Impressum page with business legal information | Access GDPR-related pages | Impressum page for business information | Privacy Policy page (this is the detailed heart of the GDPR requirements) –  copy this for your own use but modify it (and translate it if necessary) so that it does not look like an automated template |
Readers will see a cookie popup at the bottom of the page that requires the reader to give consent, and offers a “Click to read more” link plus a button [OK, thanks] |
Setup steps: Activate the Plugin here… Dashboard > Plugins > Cookie Consent | Then go to Dashboard > Settings > Cookie Consent | Here you will see three tabs at the top, with General tab selected… Complete the setup in these tabs as described in detail in the video | Note that you will need to link to a Privacy Policy page and an Impressum page as discussed above | How to add Privacy Policy page and Impressum page to the Menu under a “Legal” heading