Applying pricing discounts when manually creating an Order

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   Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve completed these goals:

  • Set up your own Order Processing procedures based on sample procedures from HQ.
  • For non-automated Orders (for example, you are creating a non-standard Order yourself on request from a customer), learn how to change the Order’s Status so that the system will then auto-process and deliver the Order.


   51 – WooCommerce pricing discounts when manually creating an order   
Dashboard > WooCommerce > Orders > Add New Order | Add item > Add product > start typing the name and select from the list that appears | Now Edit the fields for  QTY | Note that the Discount is not configured here, but later, with the Discount plugin | Two places to edit the Pricing, but the most obvious way may not be best…  This is a better way to do it |

   53 – WooCommerce manual order – setting price and discounts  
How to set up a WooCommerce order and discount it | Go to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Orders and click the “Add order” button | Scroll down and click the Add Item(s) button > Add product(s) button > search for and select the product > click Add > Set Quantity and Save | Important to realise is that the system has not automatically applied any discounting here, because discounting normally happens later. However, you can manually edit for discounting in two ways from the Orders page – either 1) simply change the total (a bit unrealistic),  or 2)  manually type a pre-discount amount (clearly shows the discount) |