Create and deliver UPC versions of EAN-13 barcodes

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Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved the following goals:

  • Successfully create and deliver the UPC versions of EAN-13 barcodes that a customer has already purchased.


Customers sometimes request UPC versions of EAN-13 barcode orders.
Our norm is to generate and deliver these for free, but you also have the option of charging for them or for your time.


 129 – Creating both UPC and EAN versions of barcode images
By default we provide customers with EAN-13 images, but they sometimes ask for both EAN-13 and UPC | Example:- Open Woocommerce > Orders and Edit the appropriate Order for which you need to create additional UPC images | Next to the Edit order heading, right-click the Add order button and select  to open in a new tab | In the new tab Add new order page, do the following: Add Shipping detailsAdd products (UPC images), |  If you aren’t charging extra for the extra UPC barcodes, change the price to zero and click Save, | Notice that there is no place to add the barcode numbers, so you will need to create a place, | At top right of the page, under Other actions, click the dropdown arrow, click Choose an action, and click the Create button, | You will now see a new input box at the bottom of the Order page – you will need to put in the UPC version of the barcode numbers. We’ll come back to this, but first we need to find the barcode numbers… | To find the barcode numbers, either 1) copy them from the automated EAN-13 barcode emails, or 2) go to Appearance > Theme Options > Automation Database, where you are going to search by the customer Email address (copy the Email address from the Order page) | On the Automation Database page, Search by customer email | You will see the customer’s EAN barcodes listed – copy the first number without the leading zero  | Return to the new input box ( “Barcode (optional)” ) at the bottom of the Order Page and paste the number into it. Repeat for all numbers, separating them with a comma. Check that all numbers have no leading zero – the software will then know that these are UPC | Click the Update button at top right of the Order page to save | At top right, under the Order # … heading, click the Status dropdown, choose the status as Completed, and then again click the Update button to saveYou will be able to see this Order under Woocommerce > Orders, where it will show as a Completed no-cost order | In your Emails you can check that the customer Invoice shows PAID at no-cost (0.00), that the customer has been sent the normal ZIP file and Download Link for the UPC images – you can open the ZIP file to check that images are correctly in UPC format |