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    Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved these goals:. 

  • Understand the purpose and benefits of a Products-using-our-barcodes Page.
  • Know how to add the page to your website.

This page shows products that have recently been registered by your barcode users.

Here is an example:

You can name this display however you want. Examples:

  • Products using our barcodes 
  • Registered products that use our barcodes 
Benefits of this page;
  • It looks good on your site and improves your perceived legitimacy.
  • You can use it to promote your barcode registration service.
  • It facilitates Google indexing of registered numbers and products.
    For example, we had a customer wanting us to push his numbers through Google (faster indexing) but we found they were quickly showing at and

The page on which this display is located must have the term “ibnreg” in the page URL.
For example:

To create an IBNREG Products-using-our-barcodes page:

Watch   151 – IBN Products Using Our Barcodes page
You can set this up to show products from your own country
This setup automatically pulls onto your page some barcode examples from your own country from our IBNREG database | Examples | Set this up with a shortcode, show images OR exclude images, and specify how many to display (note that you will need the country code for your website) | Page setup – note that you must include “IBNREG” in the page Title so that you will also have “ibnreg” in the URL that gets generated for the page  | Where to look for the country code: | Create the shortcode with the country code, then save and preview it to ensure that it only displays barcodes from that country | Translating the strings on the page: WPML > String translation | Note: add some explanation on the page so viewers understand what they are looking at.

To create a Products-using-our-barcodes page:
  1. In WordPress, create a Page and name it appropriately, but note that this page must have the term “ibnreg” in the page URL.
  2. Add the following shortcode to the page but change the 2-digit Woocommerce country code to your own locale
    [gebir_locale locale=”US” registered_only=”true” show=”100″ images_only=”true”]
    * For a list of WooCommerce country codes see here: 
  3. Add the Page to your appropriate WordPress menu and check that it displays correctly.

TROUBLESHOOTING: If the shortcode doesn’t appear to work, check the text version of your page by clicking the Text tab at top right (not the default Visual tab) and make sure the shortcode doesn’t have any extra html in it – we found that some of our sites had </span> inside the shortcode square brackets, and this stopped the sh0rtcode working.