Generate Certificates of GLN Assignment for your Global Location Number sales

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  • Understand the differences between Certificate of GTIN Assignment and Certificate of GLN Assignment
  • Be able to customise your website to provide these certificates with GLN purchases
  • If you have a translated site, appreciate the basic principle of translating your Certificate of GLN Assignment.



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 147 GLN Certificates
If you sell GLN numbers, with some setup you will also be able to issue a GLN Certificate with the GLN number. The Certificate is the same format as our GTIN Certificates, but with GTIN etc changed to GLN. Work required to set this up: 1) change some settings 2)  if your website uses WPML, some translation.
If you sell GLNs (Global Location Numbers) it is now possible to generate a Certificate of GLN Assignment | To set this up you need to change the automation type from Barcode Number and Email to Barcode Number, Email, Certificate (no images)… this will generate a GLN Certificate | This is what the Certificate of GLN Assignment looks like | Comparison with the standard Certificate of GTIN AssignmentUsing a translated website, you’ll need to generate an English-language Certificates and use string-translation to change the text |  If you’re doing this and selling GLNs from your website, it is worth changing the auto text in the emails to give some information about GLNs – an example from Philippines… how to use your GLN number, how to optionally register your GLN… you can probably freeze this video and screenshot the text for some ideas for your site | The more text you have available the easier it is for customers to do what they need to do |