Sell customised QR Codes to customers

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Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved these goals:. 

  • Be able to use the QR Code Monkey website to customise a customer’s existing QR Code image while still maintaining its original QR functionality..
  • Understand why you need to keep checking that the QR code functions properly as you customise its appearance.
  • Appreciate the types of changes and the scope of changes that you can make to a black-and-white QR code, and be able to sell a Custom QR Code service to a customer.


This is a simple but effective way to add value to your QR code service.
We use a free online tool to customise QR codes, and we charge for this service: 

Customisation options include colours, colour gradients and shape-changes.

Don’t tell the customer that this is a free service unless they ask.

The level of customisation is surprising, so you need to keep checking that your edited QR Code still functions as it changes.

Also check that the QR Code functions correctly before delivering it to the customer.

To customise QR Codes

You can see details in this video (click hyperlinks to jump to that point in the video):

 145 Customising QR Codes for Customers
How to customize QR codes – an additional revenue option fon top of your QR code sales | This uses a free online service, so don’t link your customers to it, or they won’t pay for the service | IMPORTANT: 1) As you modify the QR Code, keep scanning it to ensure that it works, 2) Check it carefully before you send it to your customer | The free tool is QR Code Monkey and it’s pretty easy to use… Enter your URL at the top, and it will generate a QR code for you to customise. Choose one colour or multiple colours. Choose a gradient from one colour to another, top to bottom, or inside to outside | Customise the background colour but keep the difference between the colours high with high contrast (the QR code may have issues scanning if the colours are too close to each other) | Incorporate a logo into the centre of the QR code. Examples | Different colours inside and the outside of the “eyes” | Change the general format of your QR code, e.g. rounded edges or pointed. Many options | ! Double-check that you’re scanning your QR code; don’t sell it faulty | This is a service that you can sell on top of your regular QR code sales |


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