Check your website cookies, ensure no Tracking cookies

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Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’re able to achieve the following goals:

  • Learn how to open your website in Chrome Incognito mode, and how to monitor it with Developer Tools
  • Be able to quickly check your website for cookies.
  • Be able to identify the conventional Analytics, WooCommerce and other cookies.
  • Be able to check for tracking cookies.



   127 – How to see what cookies are loading on your website 
Purpose: see what cookies are being loaded, where they originate, and be sure that you have no Tracking cookies |

Use the Chrome Incognito Window, which is clear of any cookies. Load it by clicking “…” > New Incognito Menu, or by pressing CTRL-SHIFT-N | Then load the Chrome Developer Tools by clicking “…” > More tools > Developer tools – this will open a window overlay that you can drag and resize to the side of the screen | In the Dev Tools click Application > Manifest > Cookies, and check that NO cookies display in the right pane | In the main Incognito screen, open your website page, then back in the Dev Tools, click the arrow to open up the Cookies header – you will then see your website listed under the Cookies header | Click your website listing under the Cookies header, to display cookies from your website –  Go back to your website where you will see a popup cookie warning with a button to Accept – notice that even if you move around your website, the cookie reminder remains visible | You can Google Search cookies to identify what they are (e.g. Cloudflare cookies, which are for tracking, and other cookies for collecting website statistics) | If you click to Accept the cookies, when you perform actions on your website, you will see cookies appearing in the cookies pane (payment options, tag manager, Analytics, WooCommerce, etc) | What you really want to check is that there are no tracking cookies |