Optimise and Showcase Barcode Registration

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    Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved these goals:. 

  • Be able to force Google indexing of  records on the barcodes.org database.
  • Understand how to add a page to your website to showcase customer listings of product details against their barcode numbers on barcodesdatabase.org.
Refer to video 130…

 130 – Optimising Registration on barcodesdatabase.org and showcasing Barcode Registration on your website 
How to manually force Google indexing of barcode numbers and registered products on barcodesdatabase.org and how to use the results as a Barcode Registration showcase on your website
Example of slow Google Indexing of the barcodesdatabase.org numbersUse Google Search Console to manually force the indexingIf indexing is FAST, the Google search results can display in seconds, but our database is large so it takes longer, therefore we need to manually improve the indexing | Make a new “Registration Showcase ” page on your website… how to set up the links to barcodesdatabase examples | Go back to Google Search Console and inspect your URL, and force the indexing if necessary | Examples of good results in Google Search, including images… how you can showcase results on your website |