Use an online tool to read barcode numbers


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Be able to

  • Use an online tool to digitally determine the number of a barcode


What is it?

An online barcode reader where you upload a barcode digital image and it provides the result from a scan of the image.
For example,

  • a scan of an EAN-13 image will provide a 13-numeral number
  • a scan of a QR Code will provide the URL that the QR Code has encoded.

When would I use it?

When you don’t have a physical scanner or a mobile-phone scanner for scanning barcodes.

What if I only have the physical barcode?

Then take a photo and upload it digitally.

What type of barcodes can it read?

PDF417, DataMatrix, QR, Codabar, Code128, Interleaved2of5, Ucc128, Code93, Upce, Ean8, Postnet, UspsIntelligentMail, AustralianPost, BpoPostcode

How to use it:

A)  Preparation: Locate or create the digital image that you wish to scan online. If you only have a printed image, you will need to photograph or otherwie make a digital copy.

B)  Go here:

C)  Follow the 3-step process:

  1. Under Select barcode types, click a checkbox [  ] to inform the software what TYPE of barcode you are intending to scan.
  2. Under Select image File, click the Choose File button, browse for and select your barcode image (you can only choose an image of the listed types).
  3. When the file is uploaded, alongside 3. click the Read button and wait for the result.












Sample result:


To check that it works, run this test:

1) Right-click and Save this image to your local drive:

2) Now run through the above procedure to determine the barcode number for this image.

3) The result should be 0745110702078