Troubleshooting – customer ordered images but never received them

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Please click the  [Mark Complete]  button at the bottom of this page when you’ve completed these goals:

  • Know for which which products customers can order images via the automated system, and which products require manual creation of the image by you or by HQ in new Zealand.
  • Understand how a customer would normally (successfully) order images online and specify the image numbers.
  • Understand the typical errors that customers make to cause failure of the images order.
  • Understand how a customer should paste / arrange multiple numbers in the order, in a way that our software can interpret.
  • Be able to troubleshoot when the order has failed, correct the problem, and re-generate the customer order with the images successfully emailed to the customer.



Automation has been set up for the following barcode image products (if customers order any of these image products they should be emailed the images automatically within minutes):

  • ITF-14 Barcodes
  • EAN (or UPC) Barcode Images
  • ISBN Barcodes


How customers need to specify the numbers for barcode images:

On the Checkout page, at right under Additional Information, customers will see an “Enter your barcode numbers here” box.

They need to paste / type their barcode number/s into that box, and then that number will be automatically turned into barcode images and emailed through to them.


Multiple barcode numbers or ISBN numbers:

These need to be separated by a comma (or comma and space).


Typical customer ordering errors:

  • Customers don’t enter their numbers, so the system has nothing to create.
  • They enter numbers that are incorrectly formatted for any barcode type (e.g. the wrong number of numerals or numbers that include characters).
  • They enter multiple numbers in ways that the system cannot interpret.


How to provide images for other kinds of barcodes:

Some barcode image products don’t have automation (e.g. ISSN barcodes and Code 128’s).

If you receive an order for one of those products, we’ll need to create them manually for you:

  1. Email us the number or data that your customer wants encoded,
  2. We’ll create the barcode images and email them to you
  3. You can forward them onto your customer.


Troubleshooting – customer never received the images

Sometimes image automation doesn’t work (ie. a customer orders ISBN barcode images but for some reason doesn’t receive them).

If this happens, take the following steps:

  1. Change the order from “complete” to “pending” and back to “complete” (this sometimes triggers automation).
  2. If that doesn’t work, check that automation has been correctly set up for that image product (e.g. if a customer ordered ITF-14 Carton Codes, edit that product and make sure the *Automation type* is set to “Email, files (ITF14)”).
  3. If the automation was set up correctly, then usually the issue is because a customer has entered the incorrect information (e.g. they ordered 3 EAN images, but only provided us with 2 barcode numbers in the checkout form, or they entered incorrect barcode numbers, or they ticked the “provide barcode numbers later’ box). If this is the issue, please create a new manual order on the website for the customer, entering the customers billing details and products and barcode numbers correctly, but changing the order total to “0.00” . Then click “create” and “complete” to trigger automation.
  4. If that still doesn’t work, send us an email to [email protected] and we will investigate.


Watch    video 68 – ITF14 and ISBN Automation  
This automation enables customers to independently purchase ISBNs from your website |
To display your ISBN products
: Go to Products > All Products, and search for “isbn” | Mouseover the title and select the Edit option, then customise the page for your own purposes (see the video for details) | Note the following: you will need to change the text, what images are formed, and the Automation Type needs to be this: “Email, files (ISBN ITF14)” |
To display your ITF14 products: Go to Products > All Products, and search for “ITF” to display your ITF14 Products | Mouseover the title and select the Edit option, then customise the page for your own purposes (see the video for details) | Note the following: you will need to change the text, including “with 4 different formats”, what images are formed (.jpg, .pdf, .png, .svg), and the Automation Type needs to be “Email, files (ISBN ITF14)” |
Add a statement “This system is automated and if you supply valid EAN-13 barcode numbers, it will attempt to create and email you the ITF-14 barcode images automatically” | Sample images (good quality) |