Creating Orders and manually changing their Status

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  • Be able to manually change Orders (non-automated) and change their Status to achieve different ends. 


   54 – WooCommerce – manually change Order status to Paid  
How to manually change an Order Status from Pending to Completed – if you have automated Email delivery of barcodes set up, effecting this change will trigger Email delivery of the products.
Go to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Orders and locate the Order for which payment has been received… the icon will show as grey with a horizontal white line, meaning “on hold” (not received by the client)… compare this to blue (completed) and yellow (pending payment)  | Mouseover this Order and click the Edit hyperlink | Quickly check that the Order details include an Email address and a Certificate name | The Order Status dropdown will show “On hold”… click this and change it to “Completed” | Click the Update button at top right | This will cause the Order to be delivered to the customer by Email | You will see the Order status icon change to blue with a white tick |
How to confirm delivery? 1) In your Email software you will also see emails confirming the order (if you’ve correctly configured your system for confirmation emails) 2) Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options > Automation Database tab and do a Search in the barcode number global database:  Search by customer Email address, by customer Site domain name (no need for https//…)

   39 – WooCommerce – change Order Status to manually trigger automation  
NOTE: A customer Email Address is important for automation and for customer receipt of barcodes.
Orders have a Status field with values such as Pending Payment, Processing, On Hold, Completed, Cancelled, Refunded, Failed | Automated actions take place based on changing values in the Status field | By manually changing the Status you can trigger the actions associated with that Status |
Go to WooCommerce > Orders > Select and Edit an Order | Click the Order Status field dropdown > Select a Status (e.g. change it from Pending Payment to Completed) and Save Order | The automated system then triggers its programmed actions for that Status change, including Email notifications and attachments |

   40 – WooCommerce – manually creating a customer Order and auto-sending it to them  
NOTE: A customer Email Address is important for automation and for customer receipt of barcodes.
Our Orders system is largely automated, but this video shows how you can manually set up a customer Order and issue it to them. For example, this could be a non-standard order that requires one-off manual customisation. |
Go to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Orders > Add Order | Configure all Billing Address details (Email is essential), and Certificate Options | Add Items > Add Products  | If necessary, set the Quantity and Total | Save | Review the Order details to check it is correct | With the Order Status as “Pending payment” (see beneath the order Date),  Save the Order (top right) |
Locate the Order in WooCommerce > Orders (likely at the top of the list) | From this screen there are various actions that you can take with the Order | See how the yellow icon indicates Pending Payment status | Now Edit and change the Order Status to Completed, then  Save Order | Go back to WooCommerce > Orders and check that the Status icon is now blue ticked (Completed) | Give it a while for Email processing, then check Emails | You can also check the Database: Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options > Automation Database > Search by site field > enter your site URL > click Search > You will see listed the most recent 200 barcodes issued |