Changing an Order’s status to trigger automation

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  • Learn how to change an Order’s status to trigger automation. 
Changing an Order’s status to trigger automation


   54 – WooCommerce – manually change Order status to Paid  
How to manually change an Order Status from Pending to Completed.
Why? If you have automated Email delivery of barcodes set up, this will trigger Email delivery of the products.
Setup: Go to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Orders and locate the Order for which payment has been received… the icon will show as grey with a horizontal white line, meaning “on hold” (not received by the client)… compare this to blue (completed) and yellow (pending payment)  | Mouseover this Order and click the Edit hyperlink | Quickly check that the Order details include an Email address and a Certificate name | The Order Status dropdown will show “On hold”… click this and change it to “Completed” | Click the Update button at top right | This will cause the Order to be delivered to the customer by Email | You will see the Order status icon change to blue with a white tick |
How to confirm delivery? 1) In your Email software you will also see emails confirming the order (if you’ve correctly configured your system for confirmation emails) 2) Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options > Automation Database tab and do a Search in the barcode number global database:  Search by customer Email address, by customer Site domain name (no need for https//…)