Amending the WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers


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  • Amend the WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers.
Amending the WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers:

1.  Watch the first 4 minutes of this video:

   46b – WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers, PDF Invoices and Tax shown on Invoices  
This video covers three WooCommerce features:  1) Sequential Order Numbers,  2) website auto-generated PDF Invoices, and  3) showing Tax on those Invoices |
Sequential Order Numbers: Why use them? (watch demo) When listed in sequence  you can easily spot any missing, and they are easier to locate by scrolling, allowing you to respond quickly to issues | Plugin to constrain Order Numbers only to OrdersYITH WooCommerce Sequential Order Number > Click YITH “Settings” to view a General Settings page with settings such as  “Numeration starting from” (the first Order number) , “Order prefix” (e.g. IBL-    … which is also configured to be used in automation emails), “Order suffix” (e.g.    -YWSON)

2.  Go to YITH Plugins > Sequential Order number

3.  Change the Order prefix from GLOBAL- to something relevant to your website,

(e.g. SUD- for

4.  Update / Save.