Customising the About Us and Contact pages


    Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve completed these goals: 

  • Edit the About Us and Contact pages to be as accurate and as local as possible.
  • Appreciate the legal implications of your About Us page and edit the page to reduce legal risk.

IMPORTANT: Your site should be as local as possible, so include your local details, address, phone number, photos etc.

How to edit WordPress pages:

Watch:     Video 02 – How to Edit a Page 
Go to Dashboard > Pages | Locate a page | Edit the page and click Update  | Click View Page to see it Live |

As shown in the video, open these pages and customise them for your own details.

How to customise the About Us information for your website

Watch:     Video 02 –  Changing the About Us information on your website
Background: The template websites that we provide to Licensees include an “About Us” section and an “About” section that need to be customised as they are not initially about the Licensee, but about the templated user… i.e. they are INACCURATE for your website and will make you look unprofessional if you use them |
Where is this information: The About Us information is located at the bottom right of the main web page, and the About information is accessible from the About link in the top horizontal menu on the page |
Example of customised information: Barcodes Kenya  |  Local phone numbers and addresses provide confidence to web viewers that the business is legitimate

Be aware of the legal implications of your About Us page

Here are specific links to parts of Video 142:

  Video 142 – Business Structure & Reducing Risk
Business structure, communication and reducing risk. This is VERY important as mistakes in these areas can be troublesome and expensive.
>> YOU are the seller, not International Barcodes Network – this hasn’t been very clear in the About Us pages of many websites – the About Us must refer to your own business |
>> Different rules or requirements per country, and this varies between easy and difficult – NZ is unusually easy, but you need to customise your own appropriate structure rather than use our “easygoing” Limited Liability company template – you need to somehow establish this legally |
>> Your business structure should be shown on your website in the Terms and Conditions, About Us, and Impressum |
>> Terms and Conditions should be VERY clear – For example, IBL site Terms and Conditions – you need to check YOURS as they don’t relate to us, may be too wordy for your business and you may need legal advice that we did not need
>> Example of clauses that you should have, based on our experience | Your About Us page, Footer, Guarantee, Amazon page, visitors must be clear on what you claim and don’t claim, Comparison pages, Why buy from us | It can be dangerous to mention GS1 (we’ve had legal letters from them)… a licensee example |