Logging in, introduction to your Website

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    Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved these goals: 

  • Successfully Log In to your website.
  • Understand the basic functionality of your WordPress site.

IMPORTANT: If you have a fixed IP address for your computer, please let us know what it is so that we can whitelist it (approve it for use with our software).


Your Login details:

We will send you a WordPress login (name and password) via email, making you an administrator for your site: https://yourbarcodesite.com/wp-admin/


Logging in to the website

Watch   01 – How to Login
Type your country domain name with /wp-admin on the end of it | Login with your Username and Password (tick the checkbox “Remember me” if you don’t want to repeatedly type your Login credentials in future) | You will see the main Dashboard page for your website |


  • If you see the blue W WordPress logo, you can use the WordPress information (that you will get by email) to login.
  • Initially you might see an earlier security screen – to get past this, use the following:
    User name: bar    Password: code

…then you should get to the WordPress login page.


How to use your site – an introduction


   33 – Site overview: How to use your site  
Login through your website URL/wp-admin/ (if a popup box appears, login by means of  “bar”  “code” | Dashboard | Pages and Products | Appearance > Menus | Store Sales with  previous Orders | Settings | Broken Links | Search and Replace | Quick redirects (now Redirection plugin) | Appearance > Theme Options | Appearance > Widgets |

   114 – Basic introduction to International Barcodes Network licensee websites
An overview of what you get when you become a Licensee with the International Barcodes Network | All of our websites are similar in content but there are a few variations | Difference between customer view and Licensee view (with backend menu) | Customer purchase procedureMagazine barcodes (977-) are the one product not generated automatically from the website | Services for sale |
TIP: Look through the products on internationalbarcodes.com to see what are available for selling from a Licensee website |
The WordPress backend to a Licensee website … note that the automation database is a big part of its functionality |

   122 – Making multi-level menus Mobile Friendly 
This applies only if you use multi-level menus.

Customers accessing your websites from mobile phones don’t have the screen space to view multi-level menus; they ONLY see the top level page links, so, if you have multi-level menus you need to plan your page layout to cater to mobile users, who may constitute as much as 60% of your visitors. Therefore, for mobile users, your top-level pages themselves need obvious hyperlinks to lower-level pages.
Conversely, WordPress doesn’t by default enable click-to-open actions on the top-level of multi-level menus for Desktop / Laptop users – the top level menu items are only accessible by right-click > open in new tab. Therefore, for desktop/laptop users, don’t include unique or important information on the top-level menu pages; use them simply for hyperlinking to lower-level pages.

The multi-level system for menus can work on mobile phones if you customise it | Website menu example | Open the page and view it online-marketing | The problem is that on mobile the menu items are not visible or accessible – the mobile provides access only to the first-level page | The solution is to emulate via hyperlinks on the first-level page, the multi-level menu structure that mobile users are not seeing | Another example where menu items aren’t accessible | How the menu is structured in WordPress – use this to plan out your changes for mobile