Sending and receiving test Emails



   Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve completed these goals:

  • Access your domain-specific mailbox and send / receive test emails.


To test your Email:

1. Access your mailbox in either of these ways:

  • Online via roundcube, or
  • On your computer via Mozilla Thunderbird
    • NOTE: we prefer Thunderbird to Roundcube – it is a good tool that can cope with type emails, as well as Gmail accounts – all in one place

2. Send test emails to confirm operation.


Watch our Youtube instruction videos: 


   20 – How to set up an email account with Mozilla Thunderbird  
Thunderbird is free Email software.  Download from | Run the software and follow instructions in the video | You will need detailed information from the Email Account Setup document in the International Barcodes Licensee Setup folder |

   78 – How to use Thunderbird (preferred) or Roundcube for Email  
Email is at the heart of our business communications, so a reliable email service is critical to success | We use as a managed email host (Email hosting is a service in which a hosting provider rents out email servers to its users, and provides professional services for peace-of-mind) | This video shows some options for your Email front end software:  Roundcube (online only) and Mozilla Thunderbird (our preference) |
Demonstration of Roundcube features (online) | Demonstration of Thunderbird features | Setting up Thunderbird | Thunderbird is especially good at managing multiple email accounts in one interface (including Gmail) | Note the Quick text Add-on, which we’ve found effective) |